Texture of the Diving Pump


Well Dive Pumps are used in underwater, and the construction of work is particularly different, and the well-used submersible pump is composed of pump body, water tube, pump seat, submersible motor and start protection device. The pump body is the working part of the submersible pump, which is composed of a part of the water supply section, a guide shell, a counterpart, a pump shaft, and an impeller. All well-used submersible pump components are made of stainless steel materials, all of which are not contaminated by water quality control, to ensure corrosion resistance, anti-wear resistance, reduce the operating cost of the water pump, make shorter recovery costs . The well-used diving pump is firm and durable
The well-used submersible pump should be inspected whether the water well is in line with the conditions of the pump, namely the well diameter, vertical and well wall quality and the hydrostatic level, the water level, the water supply and water quality. If you do not meet the conditions of use, you need to take the appropriate measures, otherwise you cannot lower the pump. Also check whether the power supply equipment and power supply line ensure normal operation of the electric pump, whether the supply voltage and frequency meet the conditions of use. Familiar with the installation instruction manual, the wells of the new drill need to be wellned, after cleaning the mud sand in water, can be installed in the well-used submersible pump.