Summary on lubrication and nursing of pump


1、 Lubrication mechanism
Lubrication is to add lubricant between two friction surfaces which are moving relatively, which forms a lubricating film between the two friction surfaces. The dry friction surface which is directly contacted is separated, and the dry friction becomes the friction between the lubricant molecules, so as to reduce friction, reduce wear and prolong the service life of mechanical equipment.

1. Lubrication

(1) after the lubrication between friction surfaces is controlled, the friction coefficient and friction resistance between friction surfaces are different with the lubrication state between friction surfaces because the lubricant is between two friction surfaces and the two friction surfaces are separated, which makes dry friction become friction between lubricant molecules.

(2) the reason why reducing wear lubrication can reduce wear is that lubrication can reduce friction, reduce friction to the minimum, and avoid the undercut welding and tear wear of metal surface. In addition, the cleaning effect of liquid lubricant is also effective for the dust, metal abrasive and other impurities on the friction surface of the cleaning machine, and the effect of preventing wear is also very effective.

(3) during the operation of cooling machinery and equipment, work must be done to overcome friction on each friction surface, and all the work consumed to overcome friction has been converted into heat. The result is that the temperature of friction surface rises, causes the metal thermal deformation to reach the melting point of metal, and causes adhesion of friction surface. Lubricant is a good heat sink, it can timely bring heat to the cooling surface to disperse.

(4) to prevent friction surface from rusting friction surface of various machines, it is inevitable to contact with surrounding media such as air, water drop, water vapor, corrosive gas and liquid, dust, oxide, etc., which causes rust and corrosion and damage to metal surface. (welcome to pay attention to wechat: Pump circle) when there is lubricant covered on the friction surface, it can prevent corrosion caused by this.

(5) sealing function such as lipids has self sealing function, which can not only prevent lubricant loss, but also prevent water impurities from intruding. The cylinder and piston in the compressor have high sealing state and also have the function of oil. The hydraulic oil used for hydraulic transmission also has sealing property.

(6) transmission power such as hydraulic transmission

(7) the vibration absorber of automobile (motorcycle) is used for vibration absorption by oil. The piston moves up and down in the closed liquid cylinder. The oil in the cylinder moves against the direction of piston movement, and flows from one end to the other. The vibration of the body is dissipated by the friction of the liquid.

2. Importance of equipment lubrication

Equipment is one of the key factors of enterprise production. In order to make the equipment in a good technical state, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment during its use, and to lubricate reasonably and perfectly. Only in this way can friction be controlled, wear reduced, energy consumption in transmission mechanism reduced, equipment life prolonged, equipment damage and failure reduced, and maintenance cost reduced. Therefore, equipment lubrication is directly related to saving energy, materials and manpower, improving the quality, reliability, life and safety of mechanical products, and creating more material wealth.

According to one statistics, more than 1/3 of the world's energy is the friction loss in various forms in the process of mechanical energy transmission.

3. The reason of equipment cleaning and oil change

Lubricating oil (grease) is heated by mechanical friction during the use, stir and mechanical shear, and the influence of surrounding environment, such as air, water vapor, dust, metal particles, etc., make it gradually oxidized and deteriorated, resulting in gum, asphaltene and acid substances, which reduces the performance until it can not be used. If it is used continuously, it will corrode the parts, block the oil system, and bring a large number of abrasive particles into the friction surface again, causing the groove research injury. So it is necessary to make oil change cycle.