Hydraulic characteristics of circulating water pump


The circulating liquid pump for conveying reaction, absorption, separation and absorption liquid regeneration in the device refers to the circulating water pump. In addition, the circulating water pump also has the characteristics of low head.
Circulating water pump is mainly dealing with water, so hydraulic factor is the factor that circulating water pump has to consider. Here are some hydraulic requirements of circulating water pump.

The flow channel of the circulating water pump is wide, so in order to let the large particles pass smoothly, the flow capacity of the circulating water pump is required to be strong enough; in order to prevent the occurrence of solid precipitation and channel blockage, the flow velocity of the slurry in the flow channel of the circulating water pump should consider the settling velocity; Under normal circumstances, the impeller of circulating water pump is cylindrical blade, and the impeller has front and back blades, which plays a role in reducing leakage and balancing axial force; the flow characteristics of slurry should be specially considered, and the concave arc outlet should be designed, which is mainly for the outlet section of pump impeller and volute used for heavy abrasion.

A good grasp of the hydraulic characteristics of circulating water pump, which is of great help to its normal work, so the operator should have enough understanding of it.