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Product Description

4" deep well pump multi-stage impellers with high performance, especially recommended for elevation, distribution and pressurisation in civil and agricultural application. Assembly in prssure units, cisterns, irrigation, washing systems, etc.

Model No. 4SPM2-15-0.75Y 4SPM3-12-0.75Y 4SPM5-8-0.75Y 4SPM8-5-0.75Y
Rated Power 1300W 1300W 1300W 1300W
Vol&Fre 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
Max.pump height 86m 72m 48m 29m
Max.pump rate 3800l/h 4500l/h 7800l/h 14500l/h
Max.submersible depth 50m 50m 50m 50m
Max.grain size 2mm 3mm 3mm 3mm
Max.pressure 0.86MPa 0.72MPa 0.48MPa 0.29MPa
Dia of connecting pipe G1.25" G1.25" G1.5" G1.5"
Cable specification HO7RN-F4G0.75mm² HO7RN-F4G0.75mm² HO7RN-F4G0.75mm² HO7RN-F4G0.75mm²
Length of cable 736mm 673mm 613mm 665mm
Lowerst pump sucking level 421mm 421mm 421mm 455mm
Max.medium temperature 35℃ 35℃ 35℃ 35℃
Qty of impeller 15pcs 12pcs 8pcs 5pcs

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